Every 30 days, Simple Commerce will send an anonymized telemetry request to my domain, containing the following information:

  • Site Hash (based off your APP_URL, to help identify unique sites)
  • Statamic version
  • Simple Commerce version
  • PHP version
  • Timestamp of last telemetry send
  • Count of orders since last telemetry send
  • Sum of order grand totals since last telemetry send

This information helps me see which Simple Commerce / Statamic / PHP versions are in-use, alongside some basic statistics for marketing purposes (eg. Simple Commerce processes on average X orders per month, £x are processed by Simple Commerce on average per month).

Telemetry requests will only be sent in a production environment, on a web request.

Opt-out of telemetry

If you wish to opt-out of Simple Commerce's Telemetry feature, you may add this to your Simple Commerce config file:

// config/simple-commerce.php
'enable_telemetry' => true,
// config/simple-commerce.php
'enable_telemetry' => true,