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Available tags

To help you integrate Simple Commerce into your Antlers templates, Simple Commerce provides various tags:

Form Tags

Some Simple Commerce tags output <form> elements that submit to Simple Commerce endpoints. There's a couple of optional parameters you can add to form tags.

  • redirect - the URL where you'd like to redirect the user after a successful form submission.
  • error_redirect - the URL where you'd like to redirect the user after any validation errors are thrown by the form.
  • request - the name of the Form Request you wish to use for validation of the form.
1{{ sc:cart:addItem redirect="/cart" }}
2 <input type="hidden" name="product" value="{{ id }}">
3 <input type="hidden" name="quantity" value="1">
4 <button class="button-primary">Add to Cart</button>
5{{ /sc:cart:addItem }}


Like noted above, you can use the request parameter when creating form tags to specify a Form Request to be used for validation purposes. You can either tell it the full class name (including the namespace) or without it.

1{{## Form Request: app\Http\Requests\CheckoutInformationRequest ##}}
3{{ sc:cart:update request="CheckoutInformationRequest" }}
5{{ /sc:cart:update }}

Although you can specify the request parameter on any form tag, not all of them will actually use it. Here's a list of the forms that do:

  • {{ sc:cart:addItem }}
  • {{ sc:cart:updateItem }}
  • {{ sc:cart:update }}
  • {{ sc:customer:update }}
  • {{ sc:checkout }}

Blade support

At the moment, I've not got any plans to introduce first-party support for Blade (or any similar templating languages for that metter).


If you'd prefer not to use the shorthand of sc in your tags, you can also use simple-commerce which will work the same way.

This could be used to give more context of the tag in use to make it clear it's dealing with Simple Commerce.

1{{ simple-commerce:countries }}

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Need some help?

There's plenty of ways of getting help: either via opening a GitHub Issue, starting a conversation on the Statamic Discord or directly emailing me.