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Ecommerce is hard, don't do it alone. Get back to doing what you love: building beautiful websites for your clients.

Simple Commerce is an ecommerce addon for Statamic, it's got everything you need to build a small-medium sized ecommerce store. And greatest of all it feels native to Statamic.

Integrates perfectly with Statamic

Everyone loves Antlers, right? I sure do. Simple Commerce provides its own tags to let you add products to the cart, take payment etc. It’s almost magic.

1<h1 class="text-2xl">Your cart</h1>
3{{ sc:cart }}
4 <table>
5 <tbody>
6 {{ items }}
7 <tr class="border-b border-gray-200">
8 <td class="text-sm px-2 py-4">{{ product:title }}</td>
9 <td class="text-sm px-2 py-4">{{ product:price }}</td>
10 <td class="text-sm px-2 py-4">{{ quantity }}</td>
11 <td class="text-sm px-2 py-4">{{ total }}</td>
12 </tr>
13 {{ /items }}
14 <tr>
15 <td class="text-sm px-2 py-4"></td>
16 <td class="text-sm px-2 py-4"></td>
17 <td class="text-sm px-2 py-4 font-semibold">Items Total</td>
18 <td class="text-sm px-2 py-4">{{ items_total }}</td>
19 </tr>
20 </tbody>
21 </table>
22{{ /sc:cart }}

Everything's just an entry

You know how you love flat files and entries for your content? Well, with Simple Commerce, your products, orders and coupons are all entries.

Orders Collection

Flexible blueprints

There’s no limitations when it comes to blueprints. Just create the fields you wanna use and use them, it’s your site after all. No-one else should define your schema for you.

Product Blueprint