Build flexible e-commerce sites in Statamic

Retain control of your site's front-end & blueprints and if you need to, extend Simple Commerce using it's APIs.

Everything's an entry

Yup, everything! All of your products, coupons & orders, they're just Statamic entries. Meaning you can take advantage of everything entries have to offer. If you'd prefer, you can switch to a traditional database setup.

Integrates with Antlers

Love Antlers? I sure do! Simple Commerce has its own Antlers tag to let you do everything from adding to the cart to displaying line items. It's almost like magic 🪄

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Plays well with popular payment gateways

Stripe, Mollie & PayPal are supported out of the box. If you need another gateway, it's easy to implement yourself. 💳

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Product Variants

Products with variations (like size, colour) aren't uncommon, that's why they're supported! It's just a case of adding a product_variants field to your Product Blueprint.

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“Customisation is easy (we wrote a specific shipping add-on for Australia Post), and the support from Duncan has been amazing. He's alway happy to answer any questions you have. Simple Commerce will be our new go-to for Statamic based eCommerce projects.”

Michael Scruse
Michael Scruse Head of Arts & Crafts at Mity Digital

Get Started

The instructions vary, depending on your case. Do you want to create a new site with the Starter Kit or install Simple Commerce into an existing site?