Simple Commerce is developed in English. However, if you know another language, you're welcome to contribute translations to Simple Commerce.

Text within the Control Panel & any front-end validation messages can be translated.


You may read about configuring Statamic to use a language other than English over on the Statamic Documentation.


In this example, I'm using fr as an example locale. You can find a list of all possible locales here.

  1. In your site, create a fr.json file in your lang orresources/lang folder (whichever folder exists).
  2. Inside that file, the format should be like so:
"English Phrase": "Your Translation"
  1. Next, find all of the translatable strings & translate them in your fr.json file.
  2. To contribute your translations back into Simple Commerce, follow these extra steps:
    1. Fork the Simple Commerce repository
    2. Create a file in resources/lang with the same filename you used in your site (example: fr.json)
    3. Copy the contents from your local translations file & commit.
    4. Submit a pull request